Codership Training

This is the training section of the Codership Library. Here you’ll find tutorial articles to start. Our plan is to create a series of articles and videos to help you learn about Galera Cluster and related software–in conjunction with Galera. Soon there will be plenty here; for now, this is just the start.

Tutorial Articles

Beginner Articles: 7; Intermediate Articles: 10

This section contains tutorial articles. To start, there are tutorials on how to get started with Galera and other basic tasks related to initially starting a Galera Cluster. There are also some intermediate articles on a few other aspects of Galera and related software.

Training Videos

Videos: 9

This section contains videos on Galera Cluster and related software. At this point, they’re primarily screencasts from presentations given at various conferences and some webinars. We intend to add several screencasts on specific topics of Galera Cluster.