Codership Training Videos

This section is for training videos on Galera Cluster and related software. At this point, they’re primarily screencasts from presentations given at various conferences. We intend to add more screencasts, but made in a controlled enviroment, focusing on one aspect of Galera Cluster or related software.

Introduction to Galera Cluster

published 2 march 2016; length: 4 minutes

This fairly non-technical video presents Galera Cluster: How it works and the benefits to organizations using it.

Standard Replication & Galera Cluster

published 15 oct. 2019; length: 54 minutes

Demonstrates how to configure and use standard MySQL and MariaDB replication and Galera Cluster—and compares the two.

Installing Galera Cluster with MySQL

published 25 sept. 2019; length: 32 minutes

Shows the basics of how to install Galera Cluster and MySQL software, and configure them on three nodes.

Installing Galera Cluster with MariaDB

published 27 sept. 2019; length: 30 minutes

Shows the basics of how to install Galera Cluster and MariaDB software on three nodes—and configure the ports for security and other basic items.

Back-Ups with Galera

scheduled: 23 October 2019

Shows how to remove a node from a cluster to make a proper back-up with GTIDs.

Recovering from a Cluster Crash

scheduled: undecided; length: unknown

Goes through the steps to restart a cluster, and to ensure data isn’t lost or overwritten.

Software Upgrades

scheduled: undecided; length: unknown

Planning and conducting upgrades of Galera software on an active cluster.

Installing a Galera Cluster on AWS

published 12 jul 2019; length: 52 minutes

Shows the basics of how to set up server instances on Amazon’s AWS for a Galera Cluster with either MySQL or MariaDB.

Load Balancing a Galera Cluster

scheduled: 15 nov. 2019; length: unknown

How to install and configure a load balancer (e.g., HA Proxy) to balance traffic among nodes in a Galera Cluster.

Monitoring a Galera Cluster

published 15 sept. 2019; length: 47 minutes

This training video explains how to monitor a Galera Cluster, utilizing the Galera specific status variables, as well as employing scripts for logging status information.

High Availability with Galera Cluster

published 10 april 2019; length: 60 minutes

This video is of Colin Charles speaking about the MySQL Server High Availability landscape and how Galera Cluster fits into it.