The Codership Knowledge Base

The Codership Documentation explains in detail how to deploy and administer a Galera Cluster. This section, the Codership Knowledge Base (KB) contains information on resolving problems and improving use of Galera Cluster. Here you’ll find troubleshooting articles and best practices articles, and answers to frequently asked questions.

In essence, the Documentation is how to use Galera assuming everything goes according to plan; the KB is for when things don’t go as expected or when they could be better.

When you experience difficulties with a Galera Cluster deployment, the Troubleshooting section of the KB may be able to provide some assistance. It includes articles to diagnose and address various replication issues.

Whereas the Troubleshooting section relates to handling problems with a Galera cluster, this section of the KB provides additional information and guidance on improving performance and optimizing configuration.

In addition to this KB, you can also post questions on the Codership Forum. The community, as well as our staff monitor and respond to posts made there.

If you need more immediate and personalized assistance, you can get a Support contract with us at Codership. For a quote on the cost of support, write us at or use our on-line form to send us a message.