WAN Replication

Length: 161 words; Published: June 24, 2015; Updated: October 22, 2019; Category: Performance; Type: Best Practices

When running the cluster over a WAN, you may frequently experience transient network connectivity failures. To prevent this from partitioning the cluster, you may want to increase the keepalive timeouts.


The following parameters can tolerate 30 second connectivity outages:

wsrep_provider_options = "evs.keepalive_period = PT3S;
                              evs.suspect_timeout = PT30S;
                              evs.inactive_timeout = PT1M;
                              evs.install_timeout = PT1M"


All wsrep_provider_options settings need to be specified on a single line. In case of multiple instances of wsrep_provider_options, only the last one is used.

In configuring these parameters, consider the following: