Galera Cluster training in London 12.08.2014 by SkySQL

This instructor-led course is for anyone who wants to have a highly available, multi-master Cluster using Galera. Learn the basics behind Galera technology, as well as more advanced topics related to configuring, optimizing and administering a Galera Cluster. Everything you need to know in just three days.


What You Will Learn

  • Basic Galera architecture and functionality
  • Install, configure, and administer a Galera Cluster
  • Troubleshoot a Galera Cluster
  • Use a Galera Cluster in a multi-master configuration
  • Make back-ups of MySQL or MariaDB from a Galera Cluster
  • Set up and control state transfers between nodes
  • Load balancing and monitoring for a Galera Cluster

. Check out the agenda and registrate here.