The Galera Cluster Enterprise Edition

Galera Cluster Enterprise Edition consists of

  • Enhanced Galera Cluster server
  • Galera Manager 
  • Galera Load Balancer

The enhanced Galera Server includes

1) A new Online Schema Upgrade method called Non Blocking Operations (NBO), adds more high availability to your cluster while performing schema changes.

    • Schema changes made on all cluster nodes in the same total order sequence, with much more efficient locking compared to the Total Order Isolation (TOI) method.
    • SET GLOBAL wsrep_OSU_method=’NBO’

Read Non Blocking Operations documentation


2) XA transactions is a standard for coordinating distributed transactions, allowing multiple databases to participate in a transaction while maintaining ACID, now available in a distributed Galera Cluster, so applications using XA can be now used with Galera Cluster.


3) GCache, transparent data encryption (TDE) at-rest, ensures the entire cluster data directory can be encrypted.
Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) with key management handled by HashiCorp Vault.
MySQL supports encrypting your data directory (/var/lib/mysql) and we now allow the gcache to be encrypted, ensuring full at-rest data encryption.

Galera Manager

Galera Manager allows you to create fully managed clusters in Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean. You can also deploy clusters on user provided hosts (on premise or in the cloud) and you can also fully monitor your existing cluster.

Galera Manager provides charts for monitoring the host and database metrics, to ensure the proper and efficient functioning of your cluster. There are over 620 metrics to choose from. Galera Manager is fully web-based, and will work in any standard web browser to administer and monitor your clusters to make sure that your set up is healthy.

Download Galera Manager after registering on our site. For more information on Galera Manager and how to install and configure it, see the Galera Manager Documentation.

Galera Load Balancer

Galera Load Balancer is a highly performant TCP/IP load balancer and
very easy to configure.

  • Runtime configurable list of backend servers.
  • Supports “draining” of backend servers.
  • Multi-threaded, uses multiple CPU cores.
  • Watchdog module to monitor destinations and automatically adjust routing table.

Read Galera Load Balancer Documentation


For more information and to get the software binaries for the Galera Cluster Enhanced Server and Galera Load Balancer, please contact Codership’s sales at and by using the contact forms.