13 Galera Cluster related sessions at Percona Live Santa Clara April 13-16, 2015


We have gathered  Galera related presentations for you to choose from (click the title for more information)



Big Transactions on Galera Cluster,  15 April 2:00PM – 2:50PM @ Ballroom B (click here for more info)

Seppo Jaakola,  CEO, Codership

Big and long term transactions have traditionally not behaved well in Galera Cluster. Large replication data sets have resulted in symptoms like elevated conflict rate, increased memory consumption, even OOM kill may happen, flow control pausing, cluster freezing… To deal with these issues, Galera users have been adviced to split large transactions in “reasonable size”. There is also cluster configuration option for rejecting too large transactions, as a safe guard.


Deploying a OpenStack Cloud at Scale at Time Warner Cable, 14 April 1:20PM – 2:10PM @ Room 203

Matthew Fisher, Principle Software Engineer, Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable has been designing, building, and operating an OpenStack cloud. Over the past 18 months, we’ve grown the team and tripled our original deployment as we’ve offered more capacity and services to internal customers. During this time we made some good decisions, but also some mistakes. We’d like to share the journey, good and bad, and show you what parts of the process you should focus on for your stand-up. Our talk will cover technologies and best practices used when deploying an OpenStack cluster to production, ranging from infrastructure tools like (Ansible, Puppet, git, Jenkins, Gerrit) to tools needed to run and monitor a production system (MySQL/Galera, rabbitmq, Icinga, Monasca)


Managing MySQL with Puppet at Spilgames, 15 April 1:00PM – 1:50PM @ Ballroom C

Jaakko Pesonen, Senior DBA, Spil Games

At Spil Games we have been using Puppet to manage MySQL for years, but did not really get it working properly before we started using the Puppet Labs mysql module and wrote our own wrapper around it. This talk is about how we manage our 40+ MySQL clusters in a heterogeneous environment with Puppet and how contributing to Puppet Labs mysql module helped us do it. We use Galera clusters, so special focus is on how to make cluster installations work.


Making PagerDuty more reliable using XtraDB Cluster, 15 April 11:10AM – 12:00PM @ Ballroom 

Doug Barth, Senior Operations Engineer, PagerDuty

In this talk, we will discuss how PagerDuty switched our production MySQL system (running in EC2) from a DRBD based solution to Percona XtraDB Cluster based on Codership’s synchronous replication library, Galera. With that change, we now have a MySQL setup where setting up a new MySQL server is completely automated, including grabbing a copy of the production dataset. We can withstand losing one of our servers with no downtime. Most importantly, each MySQL server is effectively equivalent, making our lives that much easier.


15 tips to boost your Galera Cluster,  14 April 1:20PM – 2:10PM @ Ballroom B

Frederic Descamps, Senior Architect, Percona

During this presentation, I will show how to implement several stuff that will improve your day-to-day workload. The points will cover topics like Point in Time Recovery, WAN replication with group segments, Avoiding SST when adding new Percona XtraDB Cluster node, … the tips will be briefly explained to the audience and then show how to implement them. The tips covered must be known by every administrator of a Galera Cluster.


Running a Galera Cluster on Kubernetes , 14 April 2:20PM – 3:10PM @ Ballroom B (click here)

Patrick Calbraith, Senior Systems Engineer, Hewlett Packard

Kubernetes is a popular and rapidly-developing open source project from Google that provides (Docker) container cluster-management. Kubernetes can provide HA scheduling for any type of application, and in the case of this talk, a Galera cluster. This talk will explain to the user what exactly Kubernetes is, how it works, how the user can run Kubernetes, and importantly, how one can run a Galera cluster on Kubernetes.


MySQL and Openstack deep dive, 14 April 11:30AM – 12:20PM @ Room 204 (click here)

Peter Boros, Principal Architect, Percona

Most folks know that there are a number of different flavors of MySQL — standard MySQL, MariaDb, Percona XtraDb, MySQL Galera, Percona XtraDb Cluster, etc. In this talk, we hope to dispel some of these myths and give some clear information on what are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these flavors, what pitfalls to avoid when migrating between them, and what architectural information to take into account when planning your OpenStack MySQL database deployments. We will discuss replication topologies and techniques, and explain how the Galera Cluster variants differ from standard MySQL replication.


MariaDB 10.1 InnoDB: What’s new and future, 14 April 4:50PM – 5:15PM @ Ballroom B (click here)

Jan Lindström, Principal Engineer, MariaDB Corporation

Learn about the improvements that are coming in MariaDB 10.1 for InnoDB/XtraDB storage engines. There will be improved support for page compression with new additional compression methods and atomic writes for Fusion-io Non Volatile Memories. Support for new 4K sector size devices and pages size up to 64Kb. MariaDB will also contain integrated Galera cluster support.


Multi-Source Replication Battle Royale, 16 April 3:00PM – 3:50PM @ Ballroom G

Ernie Souhrada, Bit Wrangler, Database Engineer, REDACTED

We’ll be looking at the pros and cons of each technology, how to choose the right one for this particular case study as well as in the general case, ease of setup, maintenance, and monitoring, recovery from failures, and, of course, everyone’s favorite topic – performance.

– MariaDB 10

– MySQL 5.7

– Tungsten Replicator

– Galera/Percona XtraDB Cluster


Java MySQL Connector & Connection Pool Features & Optimization, 15 April 1:00PM – 1:50PM @ Ballroom E

Kenny Gryp, Principal Architect, Percona


The evolution of the Percona Replication Manager (PRM), 14 April 3:50PM – 4:40PM @ Ballroom B

Yves Trudeau, Principal consultant, Percona


Be Backup Ready for all Disasters! , 13 April 9:30AM – 12:30PM @ Ballroom C

Roman Vynar, Lead Platform Engineer, Percona


MySQL Cluster Performance Tuning – The 7.4.x Talk, 15 April 4:30PM – 5:20PM @ Ballroom D

Johan Andersson, CTO, Severalnines




Percona XtraDB Cluster / Galera in Practice – 2015 Edition

Jay Jansen, Managing Consultant, Percona

13 April 9:30AM – 12:30PM and  1:30PM – 4:30PM @ Ballroom E

This is a full day tutorial


This tutorial will utilize laptop-based VMs to guide attendees through the basics of setup and administration of XtraDB cluster. Covered topics will be:

* Migration from standard mysql to xtradb cluster

* Configuration differences between standard mysql and xtradb cluster

* Monitoring cluster node states

* Adding nodes to the cluster and various SST methods

* Cluster maintenance

* Examples of the types of locking different clients can expect to see in Xtradb cluster if writing to multiple nodes.

This talk will require attendees have a reasonably powerful laptop and Virtualbox installed.