Galera Cluster 4.0 sneak preview at MariaDB Roadshow in 9 european cities

Codership will give sneak preview of the new features and enhancement for the upcoming release 4


Galera Cluster for MariaDB and MySQL is a revolutionary step forward in high availability for web and OpenStack applications and the core component of the MariaDB Enterprise Cluster offering. Galera Cluster provides synchronous, multimaster, active-active clustering for InnoDB. No longer do you have to make trade-offs between data integrity/durability and failover time, nor do you have to accept a performance hit because you need high availability.

Galera Cluster version 3 was released in November 2013, and since then work on next-generation Galera clustering has started. Learn more about Galera Cluster features and benefits from Codership and MariaDB. You will also get an overview on new features and enhancement for the upcoming release 4.

The dates and locations for MariaDB roadshow are:

Helsinki – 3. March

Stockholm – 5. March

Paris – 23. March

Bruxelles / Brussel – 24. March

Amsterdam – 26. March

Düsseldorf – 16. April

München – 20. April

Wien – 22. April

Zürich – 29. April

More information and registration at MariaDB website