Keeping your systems
up and running

Support Subscription

Codership offers  8/5 and 24/7 support  to keep your Galera Cluster installation up and running.


Our support staff consists of the core developers of Galera technology, thus we’re able to pinpoint any problem and propose quickly and efficiently the correct resolution.


“We could not be happier with the product and the support provided by the Codership staff. Itʼs just great and we encourage everyone to try it and use it. We love Galera Cluster and we invite anyone who is interested to check out our implementation.”  MercadoLibre, the largest e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America who provides an on-line trading platform in which over 100 million consumers use to buy and sell.


The  8/5 and 24/7 annual Galera support subscription includes:

  • Unlimited support tickets
  • Hot bug fixes
  • Security releases
  • New Releases of the software
  • Contact by email, skype or telephone
  • Remote system login
  • Named support contacts (Galera developers)
  • Zendesk support portal and ticket management
  • 8-hour response time for 8/5
  • 4-hour response time for 24/7


Pricing, for price inquiries


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Our Galera experts have years of hands-on experience with database replication and clustering, both in development and management. Putting our expertise to use will help you to avoid trial and error, to save time and money, as well as help you to make the right choices at any given during your project. We will happily work on both short-term and demanding long-term consulting assignments – your needs will dictate our method.





Contact Codership’s sales for a quote



Method of consulting


Consulting is done remotely, if not agreed to be performed on-site. For on-site assignments, travel and accomodation expenses are charged in addition.



Galera Evaluation Services

Work with us to test your multi-master set up either in a LAN/WAN environment or as a cloud based installation. We will help you to verify your architecture design, replication robustness and service availability, load balancing and application performance, back-up strategies, disaster recovery and upgrade plans in a ”real world” test. We can also review your application for ensuring proper and optimized clustering usage.

Proof-of-concept consulting can be 1 day assignments or extended, depending on your needs.

Galera Implementation Services and Training

Engage our experts to install and configure Galera for you.  We’ll save you time and and to make sure your Galera Cluster is set up properly for production and application usage. Installation and configuration can be performed efficiently through remote site visit. We can help you to upgrade your Galera installation to a new release or to migrate from some other replication solution to Galera. We’ll provide quidance for how to use and manage Galera, and training on Galera best practices.

Implementation consulting and training can be a 1 day assignment or extended, depending on your needs.

Galera Integration Services

If you are looking to integrate Galera into your replication framework, we can provide full integration and help with:

  • Assessing requirements and advising on the suitability of our products for particular application.
  • Planning and configuring the cluster with regards to specific needs.
  • Refactoring applications to improve the cluster efficiency.

Support Partners

Founded by the same team that brought you MySQL, we are the global leaders of MySQL support, consulting, training and remote DBA services. Our MySQL experts deliver massive cost savings, rapid time to market and blisteringly faster database performance to more than 400 customers in 30 countries 24×7, 365 days a year. Galera powers MariaDB Galera Cluster.

Partner’s website >


We provide automation and management software for MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB clusters. Our software is used to deploy clusters in any environment and manage all operational aspects to achieve Severalnines availability. Galera Configurator is ease of use tool to configure and monitor Galera Clusters in LAN and Cloud.

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Independent and professional services for Galera Cluster, MySQL, Percona Server and MariaDB especially for DACH, german speaking countries.

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CAPSiDE provides the services & digital infrastructure that you need to focus with confidence on growing your business. We are located in Spain.

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Partner program

If you are a service provider, system integrator or ISV and want to work directly with Galera replication developers and experts to meet your customer’s service level agreements and their replication requirements, deploy new revolutionary multi-master clustering for MySQL or need replication to any other application, please contact us. Codership partners with local or global service providers, system integrators and ISV’s to offer first class Galera Cluster support for Galera users all over the world.

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