Codership 2013-01-28 09:46:50

Last week I wrote about our participation in the SkySQL and MariaDB roadshow. First event in Stuttgart completed on Friday, and the tour continues into Hamburg this Friday and Stockholm on February 7th.

But we will also be busy speaking at some other conferences this Spring.

Fosdem, Brussels. February 2-3.

Next weekend we will be in the MySQL and Friends dev-room at Fosdem. Henrik will be giving the Introduction to Galera talk.

Fosdem is possibly the largest open source conference in the world, with 5000 hackers in attendance! More importantly, the MySQL track this year looks quite interesting. There are several talks there that I have not seen before and that I absolutely am interested to listen to. And that is quite a feat: I've visited quite a few MySQL conferences last year, so coming up with a track with so much interesting and fresh content is quite a feat.

In terms of replication specifically, there's good coverage. Personally Galera seems to be nicely sandwiched between a talk on Tungsten and another on MySQL replication, given by Giuseppe and Neil from Continuent. Lars and Luis from Oracle MySQL replication team also make appearances earlier in the day, as well as Colin on MHA. And to make the program complete, Andrew covers MySQL NDB Cluster in the afternoon.

So make your way to Brussels for the weekend. Activities for kids and non-geek spouses are also available, come on it's Brussels after all. And a big thanks to all the volunteers organizing such a great MySQL track!

Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo, Santa Clara, April 22-25

This is the main MySQL conference of the year, with over 1000 people attending. This year it is all about high-availability and the cloud, so very interesting if you are into Galera and other replication technologies. For example, out of 48 hours of tutorials, 18 hours are about various clustering technologies, and another 3 about using MySQL in the Amazon cloud.

Several Galera talks were accepted this year, including 2 customer case studies:

The following talks also include Galera or are directly relevant to Galera users:

In addition, there will of course be a Galera booth in the expo hall where you can come and meet with us.

And all this is only 3 months away! Register here and come and meet us in Santa Clara!

And more...

And this just in: If you are in Germany, especially the Frankfurt area, you may consider attending the German Unix User Group conference on 26.2 - 1.3. Our Galera champion for Germany Erkan Yanar is giving the talk MySQL HA: Galera in the house.