Galera talks at upcoming events

While Spring is already arrived in mainland Europe, we still had some 10 cm snow that came down yesterday in Finland (in addition to the already accumulated snow). Still, the warm and bright sunshine can't be ignored: It is Spring and that means conferences and meetups are in full swing. There is a lot of interest in Galera, so you can expect to have a Galera talk at almost any event nowadays:

Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo, Santa Clara, April 22-25

Did you catch the news that Tomas Ulin (who heads Oracle's MySQL engineering) will give the State of the Dolphin keynote talk! Even more reason to come to the main MySQL event of the year! As MySQL 5.6 is the big news of 2013, it is a good time to hear about it from Tomas and other engineers presenting at the conference. (For Galera we already are working on releasing Galera Cluster for MySQL 5.6, you can follow the progress at this Launchpad branch.)

High availability and cloud are big topics throughout this year's conference and you can catch a total of 9 talks about Galera or relevant to Galera.

SkySQL Roadshow in Amsterdam, Paris, Santa Clara and as Webinar

Codership is participating in the SkySQL Roadshow:

The Santa Clara event is a free full day event directly after the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo. If you are planning to go to one, you should consider visiting both. (Percona Live this year offers day passes, if you don't want to stay for the full week.)

Open Database Camp (North East Linux Fest), Boston, March 16-17

Max Mether will talk about High Availability Solutions for MySQL


If you happen to live in or close to Germany, you are lucky. We have a few very energetic Galera evangelists in this region. Erkan Yanar is speaking in the following events:

We look forward to seeing you at these events!