Galera Cluster 3.1 GA

Codership is happy to announce the following releases:

  • Galera 3.1 for wsrep API v25 (25.3.1)
  • wsrep patch 25.9 for MySQL 5.5.34
  • Galera 2.8 for wsrep API v25 (25.2.8)
  • wsrep patch 25.1 for MySQL 5.6.14

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About the releases

Galera 3.1 is GA release of new Galera 3.1 product line and wsrep patch for MySQL 5.6.14 GA release of MySQL 5.6 line.

What is new in Galera Cluster 3.1 for MySQL 5.6:

  • Support for MySQL replication GTID. When gtid_mode is enabled, care is taken
    to keep MySQL replication GTIDs consistent in all Galera nodes.
  • Improved handling of preordered (master-slave replication) events,
    that preserves original event ID and offers better throughput.
  • Segmentation for WAN replication to reduce communication between segments
    in different data centers.
  • Improved memory footprint and CPU usage.
  • 128-bit writeset checksums.
  • Hardware accelerated CRC32-C network packet checksums.
  • Experimental Query Cache support.

Galera 2.8 and wsrep patch for MySQL 5.5.34 are maintenance releases, upgraded to use the latest wsrep API v25.

The following major bugs have been fixed since the last release:

lp:587170 - Adding AUTO_INCREMENT column to a table results in data inconsistency
lp:1206129 - LOAD DATA INFILE not replicating properly in cluster
lp:1212247, lp:1246257 - CREATE TABLE issues with temporary tables
lp:1247971 - wsrep_local_bf_aborts fixed to count correct number of brute-force aborts
lp:1246921 - CREATE TABLE AS handling with empty result set fixed (5.6 only)
lp:1088267 - attempt to kill slave thread can cause server hanging
lp:1248921 - potential deadlock with cascading FK load


Upgrading from existing Galera 2.x/MySLQ 5.5 installation to Galera 2.8/MySQL 5.5 or Galera 3.1/MySQL 5.5 can be done via rolling upgrade. When upgrading from Galera 2.x to Galera 3.1, all nodes must have "socket.checksum=1" in wsrep options for compatibility.

Rolling upgrade from existing Galera 2.x/MySQL 5.5 installation to Galera 3.1/MySQL 5.6 is not yet fully supported.