Codership named as 2014 Red Herring 100 Global Finalist

Finnish tech regains global recognition


Helsinki, Finland – 12 NOVEMBER 2014 – Codership, whose Galera Cluster technology brings high availability to open source databases worldwide, today announced it has been shortlisted for Red Herring’s 2014 Top 100 Global award. This prestigious recognition honours the year’s most audacious and far-reaching private technology companies and entrepreneurs across the globe.


Selected from over 1,000 companies from more than 40 nations, Helsinki-based Galera was shortlisted based on its ability to demonstrate innovative technologies which is helping to create new business models. The finalists were judged on a range of metrics, including financial performance, growth, management’s execution standards, potential global reach, and market share improvement.


Codership’s Chief Operating Officer, Sakari Keskitalo, comments: “It is fantastic to be shortlisted for the Red Herring 100 Global award and we are proud to represent the European open source technology community at the event. To receive global recognition shows the big steps taken by the Codership team this year to increase our customer base and grow our team.”


“Technology companies are becoming the bright spot in the economic outlook based on their increasing role within macro-economic environments,” adds Alex Vieux, Red Herring chairman. “2014 has demonstrated the sector’s vibrant activity and its contribution to the global economic recovery. An unprecedented number of entrepreneurs are jumping ahead of the competition and making a difference. Constant breakthroughs make recent developments obsolete faster than ever before.


He added: “Codership is performing exceptionally well in its field and strongly deserves to be singled out as one of the Red Herring Global finalists. At this stage, we are left with the daunting task to select the best qualified companies for the 2014 Top 100 Global Award.”


Finalists will be presenting their winning strategies at the Red Herring Global forum in Los Angeles, November 18th to 20th. The Top 100 winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony on November 20.


About Codership and Galera Cluster

Codership develops replication and clustering solutions for open source databases, adopting novel ideas from latest DBMS and distributed computing research to build a fundamentally new high availability solution from the ground up. Our flagship product, Codership’s Galera Cluster for MySQL, is a synchronous multi-master cluster which provides high system uptime with no data loss and scalability for high traffic web businesses. Galera is an open-source product which also powers Percona XtraDB Cluster and MariaDB Galera Cluster. Globally, the company is on track for a quarter of a million downloads in 2015 and worldwide customers include Mercadolibre, Spil Games, Greetz and Kikxxl.