Galera Cluster 4.0 Sneak Preview at Percona Live Amsterdam September 21-23

We will have three presentations about new coming Galera Cluster 4.0.  The presenter will be Seppo Jaakola, CEO and co-founder of Codership and Philip Stoev, QA and Release Manager for Galera Cluster for MySQL

Big Transactions on Galera Cluster

22 September 3:10PM – 4:00PM @ Lausanne

Big and long term transactions have traditionally not behaved well in Galera Cluster. Large replication data sets have resulted in symptoms like elevated conflict rate, increased memory consumption, even OOM kill may happen, flow control pausing, cluster freezing… To deal with these issues, Galera users have been adviced to split large transactions in “reasonable size”. There is also cluster configuration option for rejecting too large transactions, as a safe guard.

This presentation explains the new large transaction replication method in Galera Cluster 4.0, which can now replicate transactions of any size, with minimal consequence for the cluster performance. And, as a nice side effect, how this new replication method can also be used to help in avoiding multi-master conflicts.

Presenter: Seppo Jaakola, CEO


Non Blocking DDL in Galera Cluster

23 September 3:10PM – 3:35PM @ Matterhorm

Schema upgrades in Galera based clusters have been problematic due to excessive locking in replication level. With long term schema changes this has cause unwanted service breaks. e.g. ALTER TABLE for a large table could lock up your cluster for hours.

Galera 4.0 implements new method for replicating DDL statements: “Non Blocking DDL”. But, how non blocking this replication method really is and what are the best practices for schema upgrades in Galera 4? This and more galera 4.0 questions will answered in this 50 minute conference session.

Presenter: Seppo Jaakola, CEO


Using Galera Cluster to Power Geo-distributed Applications on the WAN

23 September 2:10PM – 3:00PM @ Zürich 1

For everyone who dreams beyond the confines of a single data center, this talk will describe how to build geo-distributed, multi-master databases using Galera Cluster and how applications can take advantage of Galera to increase redundancy and bring the data closer to the user.

It will show the benefits of geo-distribution and the features Galera 3.x provides for WAN replication. The performance considerations, applicable configuration options, potential pitfalls and their solutions will be discussed.

Philip Stoev, QA and Release Manager for Galera Cluster for MySQL