Galera Cluster is the most popular high availability solution according to OpenStack survey

The results in the survey were very favourable to Galera Cluster providing high availability for MySQL and OpenStack components. Galera Cluster with MariaDB received second place, Galera with MySQL fifth place and Galera with Percona Server (Percona XtraDB Cluster) sixth place. Altogether Galera Cluster with three different MySQL variants is clearly the most popular database high availability solution for OpenStack users.


This survey report analyzes respondents who completed or updated the survey during a two-week window in September 2015, and questions represent some modifications from prior surveys in keeping with the evolution of the OpenStack platform. This survey represents a snapshot of 1,315 users and 352 deployments, provided voluntarily. The User Survey is not a market survey and does not express all OpenStack deployments worldwide.The full report can be read here .