Galera Cluster 4 for MySQL 8 Release Webinar recording is now available

The much anticipated release of Galera Cluster 4 for MySQL 8 is now Generally Available. Please join Codership, the developers of Galera Cluster, and learn how we improve MySQL High Availability with the new features in Galera Cluster 4, and how you can benefit from using them. We will also give you an idea of the Galera 4 short term road map, as well as an overview of Galera 4 in MariaDB, MySQL and Percona.

Learn about how you can load data faster with streaming replication, how to use the new system tables in the mysql database, how your application can benefit from the new synchronization functions, and how Galera Cluster is now so much more robust in handling a bad network for Geo-distributed Multi-master MySQL.



The slides for the webinar can found here