Galera Manager updated with usability improvements for self-hosted and monitored clusters

Codership is pleased to announce a new release of Galera Manager. This brings the installer to version 1.5 and the actual Galera Manager GUI to 1.4.0. Users will notice some usability improvements like the cluster name being added to the authorized_keys generated file, while there are benefits around gmd generating a new key for the updated installation. There is also a port checker, so if ports are used and unavailable, the user will be informed and Galera Manager will refuse to install. In addition, on Debian/Ubuntu where apt/dpkg supports interactivity, we have now ensured that all steps will remain non-interactive.    
We now have native support to deploy MariaDB Server 10.6
From the Galera Manager GUI standpoint, we have ensured that job monitoring and charts have better performance. One user experience enhancement for monitored or self-hosted clusters? Galera Manager now checks to ensure it has access to the nodes before it decides to continue (very much like how it does so with AWS). While we are on the topic of AWS, the user experience around EC2 deployment configuration, is also improved. Sizing guides are common database practice, and while less common in the MySQL world, we do have a maximum expected database size field now, for the cluster. In addition, there have been improvements in the deployment logs display, as well as the last transaction number executed on nodes. Please download Galera Manager and we look forward to your feedback.

Release Notes

  • We now have native support to deploy MariaDB Server 10.6
  • Job retention and clean up
  • API Support for access check for self-managed instances
  • Add a cluster name comment for auto-generated public keys in authorized_keys
  • API support for changing database passwords
  • Support for filters in jobs list API
  • Move JWT RSA private signing key from a separate file to the gmd db (--rsa-private-key command line option has no effect now and gmd will generate a new key for the new and updated installations)
  • Improved charts performance
  • Implemented job list pagination
  • Improved job monitoring
  • Implemented access check for monitored and self-hosted clusters
    • before nodes are added or deployed, Galera Manager checks if it has access to the node and returns a reason if check fails
    • in case of DB authentication errors, users are able to try different DB root password in-form
  • Improved UX on EC2 deployment configuration
    • unsupported instance types are now disabled with displaying a reason
  • Improved SSH keys management and security
    • a new private key is always generated by Galera Manager for clusters
    • users are requested to add public key to monitored and self-hosted nodes
    • public keys are visible in node’s and cluster’s configuration page
  • Improved and simplified node and cluster forms
  • Improved deployment logs display
  • Added last transaction number on nodes
  • Added “Max expected DB size” field on cluster
  • Fix the Ubuntu AWS image path template (to avoid picking up a wrong image)
  • Fix form validation issues
    • unable to create new cluster if cluster configuration is open in the background
    • unable to add a new node if node configuration is open in the background
  • Fix copy button issue
    • now display a message to user if copy is not working because the application is not served over HTTPS
  • Fix node state display if there are multiple nodes with same name