Galera Cluster for MySQL 8.0.28 and 5.7.37 released

Codership is pleased to announce a new Generally Available (GA) release of the multi-master Galera Cluster for MySQL 5.7 and 8.0, consisting of MySQL-wsrep 5.7.37 (release notes, download) and MySQL-wsrep 8.0.28 (release notes, download) with Galera replication library 3.37 (release notes, download) implementing wsrep API version 25 and Galera replication library 4.12 (release notes, download) implementing wsrep API version 26. This release incorporates all changes to MySQL 5.7.37 and 8.0.28 respectively, adding a synchronous option for your MySQL High Availability solutions.

For the Galera replication library 3.37, we added a WORK_DIR parameter to garb.cnf and the launch scripts to ensure that the Galera Arbitrator handles recovery better.

For the Galera replication library 4.12, we now refer to the variable fc_single_primary and not fc_master_slave. We have improved cluster stability by catching local_endpoint() and remote_endpoint() exceptions. Now, all SSL options are explicitly initialised in garbd.

In MySQL 5.7.37, we refactored innodb_disallow_writes to ensure that disk writes don’t leak the data directory when the node is in the SST donor state. We also fixed a race condition in wsrep_sst_rsync by performing all disk I/O blocking before creating the tables_flushed file.

In MySQL 8.0.28, we implemented progress reporting in the xtrabackup SST script, and if pv is present, the SST stream is piped through it. As a user, you can disable CLONE SST progress reporting if progress=none is set in [sst]. We refactored wsrep_sst_rsync and wsrep_sst_xtrabackupv2 which now also includes the PORT variable by default (4444). A crash in XA transactions was fixed, and more importantly, we now offer XA transaction support in Galera Cluster Enterprise Edition.

Please download the latest software and update your Galera Clusters! We continue to provide repositories for popular Linux distributions, and we encourage you to use them. Contact us more more information about what Galera Cluster Enterprise Edition can do for you.