Galera Manager supports multiple clusters in one view

A few things we have noticed recently when it comes to Galera Manager support requests, that we feel we should address in this blog post. And since we just made a quick release of the installer, fixing issues where machines weren’t clean installs, it seemed appropriate to talk about yet another feature. While we can always recommend you to start with a clean host, we are ensuring more robustness in the installer.

It is worth noting that Galera Manager is a cluster manager, and you can have multiple clusters in one view. You can even have multiple clusters in multiple data centres in one view. Some possible permutations:

  • 3-node Galera Cluster in one data centre (name, Segment 0)
  • 9-node Galera Cluster across three data centres (name, Segment 0 {3 nodes}, Segment 1 {3 nodes}, Segment 2 {3 nodes})
  • A combination of the above
  • Multiple 3-node Galera Clusters in multiple data centres

So in this image, you can see that there are 2 clusters, both in Segment 0, and there is one 3-node cluster with MariaDB Server 10.6 and just one node in the first (you can now add two more nodes, to make a full Galera Cluster).

The key here is that you just need to ensure you have enough disk space for all the logs. As Galera Manager ingests a lot of data, you can only expect that the log size on disk will grow to be extremely huge.

We hope you are enjoying the use of Galera Manager and also, do not hesitate to drop us some support requests which is how we improve the product. File an issue! As you may also know, we have Enterprise Edition support for it too!