Galera Manager fixed for user-provided hosts

Some of you may have attended our recent webinar on Managed Galera Clusters for you, and one of the demos there was “the installation of 3-blank nodes, which Galera Manager provisioned (in our example we used Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with MySQL 8)”.

There was a niggling bug for quite sometime, opened on our GitHub issues page (#41). You’ll be pleased to note that the latest release of gm-installer fixes it.

./gm-installer version
gm-installer version 1.9.1 (linux/amd64)

This is how we were able to run the webinar demo without issue. There are no material changes to the GUI itself, but the installer now has no issue with user provided hosts. And if the webinar was anything to go by, 88% of our users prefer user provided hosts (be it on-premise, or in the cloud).

Glad that we have fixed this bug, and as always, if you encounter any issues, please feel free to file an issue at our GitHub repository.

Download Galera Cluster installer