More changes in Galera Manager December 2023 Edition

While we do not consider this a major release of Galera Manager, there have been some minor releases since the Galera Manager November 2023 Release now includes deployment and monitoring for Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) 8.0.

Firstly, you’ll notice that gm-installer is now at version 1.12.0. It has a new --list-supported-oses option attached to version, as one can see from:

root@gmd:~# ./gm-installer version --list-supported-oses
gm-installer version 1.12.0 (linux/amd64)
Supported OSes:
	centos:7:	deprecated
	debian:10:	deprecated
	debian:11:	active
	redhat:8:	active
	ubuntu:18.04:	deprecated
	ubuntu:20.04:	active
	ubuntu:22.04:	active

In fact, if you just run gm-installer without any arguments you get a lot more verbose help node:

Please specify one command of: certificates, install, uninstall, upgrade or version
Full documentation url:
Use "gm-installer [command] --help" for more information about a particular command.

One may notice that there is now reference documentation for the Galera Manager Installer. This is also where the software hosts the changelog, and one may now notice that we have upgraded from the Galera Manager GUI 1.8.0 to 1.8.2. What is fixed, you might ask? Ubuntu 22.04 support for user provided hosts are now fully working, and there have been other UI improvements, straight from the changelog:

fix: (UI) improve scrolling behavior in log viewer
fix: (UI) add missing job meta information in job details
fix: (UI) make charts autoscale to the data (e.g. for CPU charts)

For a short period of time about two weeks ago, there was a minor failure in the dependency on Telegraf, that was actually an upstream issue. This was filed as github#78, and the upstream issue was present for nearly 48-hours, over what seems like a little typo, which thankfully did get fixed. This brings up the thoughts around external dependencies that Galera Manager requires and if there is a need to start hosting everything locally, as this was an example of a supply chain attack. We’re glad that things got fixed reasonably quickly, and continue to release minor improvements in a timely fashion. What are you waiting for, try Galera Manager now!