Galera Manager January 2024 release

The momentum around Galera Manager development has been amazing. You report bugs or feature requests, and we fix them!

The major reason to release this was to ensure that Galera Manager would accept the new signing keys of Galera Cluster (key ID: 8DA84635).

One will now also note that gm-installer reports a new version: gm-installer version 1.12.0 (linux/amd64). And when you install it, Galera Manager itself is now at version 1.8.3. One of the major fixes is that Ubuntu 22.04 support for self-provided hosts is now exposed in the UI. This fixes galera-manager-support#85.

One more important thing to note: if you create a database called test, it will never be deleted. This was a bug in the execution of mysql_secure_installation. This fixes galera-manager-support#84. It is worth remembering that you probably should not have a test database in production, anyway.

Please evaluate Galera Manager now!