Disaster recovery with Galera Cluster 2021 edition (3 datacenters with 9 Galera Cluster nodes demo)

Length: 60 mins

Disaster Recovery with Galera Cluster 2021 Edition video with 3 datacenter (Singapore, London, San Fransisco) 9 Galera Cluster nodes demo!

We talk a lot about Galera Cluster for MySQL being great for High Availability, but what about Disaster Recovery (DR)? Database outages may occur when you lose a data centre due to power outages or natural disaster, so why not plan appropriately in advance?

In this video, we will discuss the business considerations including achieving the highest possible uptime, focus on business impact, risk mitigation, and disaster recovery itself. What scenarios are right for you: fully synchronous replication across various data centres? A mix of synchronous and asynchronous to an offsite location?

We will discuss Galera Cluster, mixed setups, the use of proxies, and also evaluate some third party solutions. We will debunk claims about how Galera Cluster might not work across data centers, tell you how to successfully do this across data centres, with performance tuning settings for all the segments. Galera 4 has also been released, making the networking protocol a lot more robust, and the changes will be discussed.

This video will focus on architecture solutions, DR scenarios and how to ensure you are successful at the end of it all.