Who is using Galera Cluster?

A common question, especially for a new technology like Galera, is always that people want to know who else is already using the technology. In terms of sales this is often called reference customers. Over the last year we've seen some case studies and press releases regarding business critical Galera option, so I have now collected all of those to our website's User Stories section.

Some highlights of the newly added user stories include:

GuteFrage.net is a German language Question & Answer site and ranks as Germany's 3rd most popular website. They moved to Percona XtraDB Cluster to mitigate operational issues caused by their previous HA solution, and after half a year in production have been happy to see the problems solved.

Sazze runs several e-commerce sites under different brands, including sites like dealspl.us, ShopLately and Pocketly, as well as the Black Friday Survival Guide mobile application. They faced the problem of scaling to handle Black Friday sales, and employed a full house of scaling technologies from SSD to ScaleArc sharding and F5 load balancing to Percona XtraDB Cluster for high availability.

Promoht is the developer of a mobile advertising and campaign management solution used by the Vodafone Group. The case study highlights the challenge of operating in the cloud, where you can lose a server instance at any moment. While redundancy is relatively easy to design for stateless application servers, Promoht were more concerned about the database layer. They used the Severalnines ClusterControl tools to rapidly evaluate all of MySQL replication, MySQL Cluster and Galera Cluster for MySQL and ended up choosing Galera, partly because of good compatibility with existing InnoDB based tables.

ComplyWorks provides a SaaS application for regulatory and contractual compliance management for oil, gas, construction & mining industries. They needed a robust high-availability technology to scale MySQL across data centers, and in the future even aim to replicate across continents.

Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo, April 22-25, 2013

The last case study was also published by Severalnines and Johan Andersson will also be presenting about that project in April at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2013. Another customer case study will be presented by Marco Tusa from Pythian: Case Study: Designing a synchronous multi-master cluster for elastic scale-out and scale-in in the cloud. Marco will be presenting some very nice benchmarks showing the scalability and elasticity of Galera.

Marco's (anonymous) customer is also an e-commerce site and his presentation highlights the value an elastic scale-out / scale-in solution can bring in this industry: Many consumer targeting e-commerce sites might very well process more sales transactions in the period between Black Friday and New Year than they do for the rest of the year combined. So by using an elastic solution to scale-out on demand, they can scale-out to cover 10x more capacity for December, and then scale-in to save 90% on their infrastructure costs for the rest of the year. In fact, December has kept us busy at Codership too with a few new customers scrambling for help to serve their year-end customers.

(Btw, if you use Galera for your demanding HA and scale-out needs and would like to be featured on our website, drop me a note at henrik.ingo@codership.com. Please include details of the application in question and what business you are in, and database level statistics like how many nodes you have, how many queries per day, what is the workload like in terms of read-only vs read-write, etc... Most importantly, remember to describe how Galera helped you solve a business critical problem.)