Spil Games Reduces Maintence of High Availability with Galera Cluster

Spil Games is a social gaming company, with over 250 employees. It has grown in a short time from an internet start-up, to a global on-line gaming leader. It has now 49 gaming sites, serving 180 million users per month. This rapid growth of a business based very much on its database, and that has a large user-base that demands high-speed data service, presented some major challenges to Art van Scheppingen, as Head of Database Engineering at Spil Games.


Now that Spil Games has deployed Galera Cluster, it has given them much more flexibility. “We cut down on the number of components involved, reduced complexity and increased velocity,” says van Scheppingen. “We now can deploy a new cluster or add a new node a lot faster.” The benefits have been no data loss, no slave lag, 24/7 availability, and no complex fail-overs. All of this has lead to no down-time or data loss, the retaining of customers, and the growth of revenues.


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