Announcing Galera Cluster 5.5.50 and 5.6.31 with Galera 3.17

Codership is pleased to announce a new release of Galera Cluster for MySQL consisting of MySQL-wsrep 5.5.50 and 5.6.31 and Galera 3.17, wsrep API version 25.

This release incorporates all changes up to MySQL 5.5.50 and 5.6.31.

Galera Cluster is now available as targeted packages and package repositories for a number of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, OpenSUSE and SLES. Obtaining packages using a package repository removes the
need to download individual files and facilitates the deployment and upgrade of Galera nodes.

This and future releases will be available from The source repositories and bug tracking are now on .

New features and notable fixes in Galera replication since last binary release by Codership (3.16):

  • A receive buffer size of 208K is now used for intra-node communications. This avoids a situation where the cluster could stall or split when using high-latency, low-bandwidth network links. A new option, socket.recv_buf_size can be used to control the size of the buffer.
  • Experimental package for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial is now available.
  • A node could crash if an invalid value is used for gcs.max_packet_size (codership/galera#414).
  • A node could crash if the SHOW STATUS command is used (codership/galera#408).

New features and notable changes in MySQL-wsrep since last binary release by Codership (5.6.30):

  • An experimental package for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial is now available. Please see below for more information.
  • The wsrep_max_ws_rows variable has been fixed and can be used to set the maximum number of rows a transaction can update, delete or insert. The new default value is 0, meaning no limit.
  • The wsrep_max_ws_size variable and the repl.max_ws_size wsrep provider option have been linked together. The new wsrep_max_ws_size default is 2Gb.
  • If the master becomes non-Primary and starts returning “Unknown error”, an async slave that is using the MySQL-wsrep packages will keep retrying rather than stop immediately (MW-284).

Notable bug fixes in MySQL-wsrep 5.6.31:

  • The server returned stale values from the NOW() function if transaction replay has happened on the connection.
  • Updating the wsrep_provider_options while the server was running could cause a memory leak (MW-175).
  • A spurious deadlock error could be returned if wsrep_on is set to OFF (MW-286).
  • The server could crash with a broken foreign key constraint (MW-285).

New features, notable changes and bug fixes in Oracle MySQL 5.6.31:

  • Potential buffer overflow issues were fixed.

Known issues with this release:

  • If using the Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial package, the server can not be bootstrapped using systemd. Please use the SysV init script with the ‘bootstap’ option to bootstrap the node. Note that a server that has been started that way can not be controlled via systemd and must be stopped using the SysV script. Normal server startup and shutdown is possible via systemd.

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