Galera Cluster Packages and Support for FreeBSD are Now Available From Codership

Galera Cluster on FreeBSD

Galera Cluster for MySQL already runs on FreeBSD in large organizations that handle mission-critical and security-sensitive data. With Galera 3.20, we are now providing compilation fixes, ports scripts and binary packages for FreeBSD.

If you are a FreeBSD user, please give those scripts and packages a try! We welcome all feedback at info [&] .

Binary Packages

You can find Galera Cluster binary packages for FreeBSD in our package repository.

Using the Galera Cluster Ports

Until Galera Cluster is made part of the official ports repository, it is possible to compile Galera and MySQL-wsrep using the ports scripts that we
maintain in our dedicated repository on GitHub.


Galera uses boost and OpenSSL, so it may make sense to update those packages on your system first.

OpenSSL is part of the core FreeBSD, so updating it may require updating the entire system:

$ freebsd-update fetch
$ freebsd-update install

Boost is a normal package, so it can be updated using the standard package-management tools:

pkg update
pkg upgrade boost-libs


Compilation is performed by invoking make:

$ git clone
$ cd freebsd-ports/databases/galera
$ make
$ make install
$ cd freebsd-ports/databases/mysql-wsrep56-server
$ make
$ make install

The scripts will automatically download the required sources and proceed to compile them. gcc48 will be used FreeBSD 9.3 and clang on later releases.

We are also working to make those ports part of the official FreeBSD ports collection.

Comprehensive Support

If your business relies on Galera Cluster and FreeBSD, Codership offers comprehensive support packages for your cluster. With a support contract, FreeBSD is a fully-supported platform, which includes FreeBSD-related bug-fixes and hot-fix binaries for FreeBSD.

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  1. That’s terrific news, thank you!
    Before I make a mess, can you confirm that your pre-compiled packages are valid only for FreeBSD 9.3 an FreeBSD 10.3, but not for FreeBSD 11.0?
    Looking forward to a “smoother” integration of Galera with FreeBSD!

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