Announcing Galera Cluster Security Release for MySQL 5.5.59, 5.6.39, 5.7.21 with Galera 3.23.

Codership is pleased to announce the release of Galera Replication library 3.23, implementing wsrep API version 25.

This release incorporates all changes up to MySQL 5.7.21, MySQL 5.6.39 and MySQL 5.5.59, including several fixes to vulnerabilities reported by Oracle in here.

New features and notable fixes in Galera replication since last binary release
by Codership (3.22):


Notable bug fixes in MySQL 5.7.21:


Notable bug fixes in 5.6.39 :



Galera Replication library 3.23

MySQL-wsrep 5.5.59

MySQL-wsrep 5.6.39

MySQL-wsrep 5.7.21




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