Galera Cluster at Percona Live Austin, DataOps.Barcelona and where next

It is July now, and summer is upon us. The team at Codership are busy making Galera Cluster 4 for MySQL, and we are just hot of the heels of celebrating the launch of Galera Cluster 4 with MariaDB Server 10.4

At the end of May, Galera Cluster had a booth and several talks at Percona Live Austin. This was the first time the event happened there, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The key takeaway from that event would be Seppo Jaakola’s talk titled: Galera Cluster New Features. It covered the then upcoming MariaDB Server 10.4 release with Galera Cluster 4, went in-depth into how streaming replication works including superb diagrams on fragment applying, the new wsrep information in the mysql table, and how to perform a rolling upgrade from MariaDB Server 10.3 to MariaDB Server 10.4.

We fileded many questions at the booth and some things to make extremely clear based on the questions we received:

  • Yes, there will be a Galera Cluster 4 for MySQL 8 — it is coming after summer 2019 with a lot of features that are slated for MariaDB Server 10.5
  • Codership, the makers and experts of Galera Cluster are in fact running a services business, and you can purchase support subscriptions, consulting, and even training.
  • Galera replication in fact pre-dates group replication in terms of being released and used in production

Our impression of Percona Live Austin was that the venue was a marked improvement over the usual Santa Clara, it was good to get morning walks alongside the Lady Bird Lake, it was relatively easy to cross over to downtown Austin and enjoy some good BBQ and beverages. Many took note of how they had not seen Galera Cluster present for a few years, and how they were glad we were back. There were clearly quite a lot of PostgreSQL users who were present at the conference, and their interest was definitely piqued as this isn’t something that they have easily available in their land. 

In the third week of June, Galera Cluster had a booth and a keynote address at DataOps.Barcelona. This was the second time this event has happened at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, and while smaller than the abovementioned Austin event, would give its European cousin a run for its money! The keynote address was similar to the talk above (so link not required), with the only difference being that MariaDB Server 10.4 was released the day before, so it was an opportunity for people to try this right after the talk!

There were many meaningful conversations had at the booth, potential partnerships forged, and an enjoyable evening reception by the water. Food was also a highlight, as was the extremely large dinner on Friday night where many speakers visited.

At both events, we ran a raffle and gave away a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones. Expect similar at any event that we participate in, in the future. 

Where can you see us next? Very likely we will be at Percona Live Europe Amsterdam. We are very excited that it is moving back to Amsterdam, and hope that the Schipol Airport location does not in any way hinder you from attending. In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your High Availability solutions.

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