Webinar: Galera Cluster for MySQL Streaming Replication for Large & Long Lasting Transactions In-Depth

A significant improvement has come to Galera Cluster 4 for MySQL, in the form of streaming replication. When you are dealing with large (greater than 2GB in size) or long running transactions, previous releases of Galera Cluster would reject the transaction; in the current release transactions can be split into fragmented chunks and those rows can be replicated in chunks to the other nodes even before commit. This is the feature that will remove you from all cluster stall issues due to large transaction processing!

While disabled by default, you can use it and configure it dynamically, and there is also the ability to monitor streaming replication progress. Come to this webinar to learn from the primary author, Seppo Jaakola, on why he implemented the feature, how you can use it, finding the optimal fragment size based on workload, and the design trade-offs for the initial release in where the focus was more on functionality over performance. You will also learn of the upcoming roadmap for this feature and how we plan to make it more performant.

EMEA Webinar, Thursday May 6 2021, 2:00-2.50 PM CEST


USA Webinar, Thursday May 6 2021, 9:00-9:50 AM PST


Presenter: Seppo Jaakola, co-founder, CEO Codership