Galera Manager updated to handle DigitalOcean updated API tokens

A few weeks ago, we did a Galera Cluster webinar on Managed Galera Clusters on DigitalOcean.

Some of you may notice that the current version of Galera Manager is 1.6.4, and one of the major fixes we have in there is to support the new API token format of DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean has documented this here: Updated API Tokens new management features: in partnership with GitHub –Secret Scanning, Prefixes, and more! and as a consequence we needed to update to accept new API tokens, or it would fail in deployment. If you’re wondering how to create a Personal Access Token, look no further than the documentation.

We hope you enjoyed the webinar, and next up, we’ll document how you can do this, step-by-step and have a fully managed cluster on DigitalOcean. Remember, we have a Github repository for feature requests.