Galera Cluster for MySQL 8.0.36 released

Codership is pleased to announce a new Generally Available (GA) release of the multi-master Galera Cluster for MySQL 8.0, consisting of MySQL-wsrep 8.0.36 (release notes, download), with Galera replication library 4.18 (release notes, download) implementing wsrep API version 26. This release incorporates all changes to MySQL 8.0.36, adding a synchronous option for your MySQL High Availability solutions.

There have been some notable changes in the Galera replication library 4.18. We fixed bugs around garbd: we noticed hangs due to exceptions in the GCS layer not being caught, and now we have a graceful exit; when SSL is used, and there are graceful node shutdowns, garbd can crash, thus making the cluster non-Primary – this is now also fixed. We deprecated socket_ssl_compression and while it doesn’t get set any longer, you, the user will receive a warning if it is explicitly set. We do not consider this option functional. Commit cut tracking on node leaving has been fixed, however the GCS protocol version had to be bumped for backwards compatibility. We now ensure that the gcomm join process is run within the gcomm service thread.

In MySQL 8.0.36-26.17, a notable fix ensures the --wsrep-recover option can accurately recover the GTID from log files that contain non-text bytes. For CLONE SST, improvements include reading port settings from my.cnf if not explicitly set in wsrep_sst_address, a switch to caching_sha2_password for user creation during SST (moving away from mysql_native_password), and enhanced diagnostic messages, especially in SSL contexts. Diagnostic capabilities have been expanded to include transaction sequence numbers and source IDs for ignored errors, alongside more precise logging for row-based replication buffer file creation and doublewrite recovery, contingent on wsrep_debug settings.

In an effort to standardize Total Order Isolation (TOI) error voting, the cluster now relies solely on MySQL error codes. This change aims to mitigate inconsistencies stemming from locale differences and non-deterministic execution paths, though it necessitates a bump in the wsrep protocol version to ensure backward compatibility, and prevent cluster splits during upgrades. Moreover, a combination of native deadlock and BF abort scenarios in stored procedures, which previously resulted in assertion failures, has been addressed by refining the error handling process to ignore wsrep BF abort error for sub-statements until after their execution. Fixes were implemented for autocommit in SELECT FOR UPDATE queries to prevent BF abort-induced inconsistencies and assertions within InnoDB, alongside improvements in error handling for such queries within transactions.

Please download the latest software and update your Galera Clusters! We continue to provide repositories for popular Linux distributions, and we encourage you to use them. Contact us more more information about what Galera Cluster Enterprise Edition can do for you.