Galera Manager March 2024 Release now includes UI improvements and a SSH console tab

Codership is please to announce a new release of Galera Manager. This brings the installer to version 1.13.0 (you can check this by typing: ./gm-installer version which will report gm-installer version 1.13.0 (linux/amd64)) and the actual Galera Manager GUI to 1.8.4. Users will notice many usability improvements, and multiple fixes for issues filed at the galera-manager-support issue tracker.

The biggest facing user items in this release include a “jobs” tracker. It can be a flat list or a hierarchical view, and you will notice that this is not just for a cluster wide view, but also for individual nodes. Naturally on the left hand menu, you will also see Jobs listed there; this is to show jobs that do not belong to any cluster.

Another user feature that one would notice is that the SSH console is now a tab that is in the menu right after jobs. You can still pop it out, but it is a little more integrated within the UI.

In addition to that, unsupported Ubuntu 18.04 has been removed, and there is full support for Debian 12.

A few notes from the internal changelog that is published in the application (and also on the Galera Manager Changelog):

  • 1.8.4
  • feature: Start using infrastructure profiles
  • misc: Removed unnecessary dependency for cluster charts creation
  • feature: Faster user feedback for started jobs
  • feature: Added terminal tab
  • feature: add full support for Debian 12
  • fix: remove unsupported Ubuntu 18.04
  • feature: Display total job duration
  • feature: (UI) show job parent-child dependencies
  • feature: (UI) display jobs not beloging to any cluster

Please download Galera Manager and we look forward to your feedback. Note that we also plan to have a webinar on the latest release of Galera Manager, so keep your eyes peeled on the blog, and on our mailing list!