Galera Cluster for MySQL 8.0.36-26.18 released

Codership is pleased to announce a new Generally Available (GA) release of the multi-master Galera Cluster for MySQL 8.0, consisting of MySQL-wsrep 8.0.36-26.18 (release notes, download). There is no change to the Galera replication library 4.18 (release notes, download) implementing wsrep API version 26. This release incorporates all changes to MySQL 8.0.36, adding a synchronous option for your MySQL High Availability solutions.

This is a very minor release compared to the first MySQL 8.0.36-26.17 release. It primarily fixes a broken CLONE SST script when the port configuration vaariable is not explicitly set. This bug can be triggered in quite some instances, hence why a minor emergency release to fix just this. We encourage you to upgrade if you have MySQL 8.0.35 or the previous 8.0.36-26.17 release.

Please download the latest software and update your Galera Clusters! We continue to provide repositories for popular Linux distributions, and we encourage you to use them. Contact us more more information about what Galera Cluster Enterprise Edition can do for you.