Upgrade your MySQL 5.7 and older Galera Clusters to MySQL 8.0 with no downtime


We are sure you’ve probably already heard that MySQL 5.7 is going to reach End of Life (EOL) by October 2023. We are here to tell you that the migration from MySQL 5.7 need not be scary — MySQL 8.0 has been Generally Available for five years, and the Galera Cluster product for it, has been hardened for over three years, so it is truly time to get ready to migrate. This video includes LIVE DEMO how to do upgrade with NO DOWNTIME!

In our first session of the series, we are going to cover:

* the new features of Galera Cluster with MySQL 8 that you might benefit from, including what is available in Galera Cluster Enterprise Edition (EE)
* how to plan a migration from MySQL 5.7 or older to 8.0
* things to test for, before migrating
* common pitfalls of said migration
* how to ensure your Galera Cluster keeps humming along with no downtime

Don’t forget that Codership offers migration support to help you before and during your migration.

Here link to 1 day migration training https://galeracluster.com/2023/06/galera-cluster-5-7-or-older-to-8-0-migration-training-mariadb-and-pxc-covered-as-well/