All the Galera Cluster Resources You Need – From the Makers of Galera Cluster

With the launch of our new Galera Cluster website, we’ve also started to consolidate the various resources that we produce in addition to developing your favourite open source database clustering technology.


Here are pointers to just a few of these resources! If you know of other resources out there or would like us to list some of your own, please do let us know.


You can find the official documentation for Galera Cluster for MySQL:


And we’ve consolidated our Galera Cluster presentations here:

Introduction to Galera Cluster & Codership

How to understand Galera Cluster

Galera Cluster 3.0 – New Features

And more!


Of course, you can always get all the latest downloads from our website:



The Galera Cluster community discussions can be joined here:


And to find out what enterprise customers are saying about Galera Cluster, please check out our Customer Success Stories! For the more in-depth information, please refer to our whitepapers!


We trust these resources are useful and are grateful for your support in making the use of Galera Cluster the best possible experience.


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