Galera Cluster chosen by MercadoLibre – the number 1 e-commerce site in Latin America

90 million customers generate a lot of data: Galera Cluster supports MercacoLibre’s 80+ databases


Find out more this week at the OpenStack Summit 2014 in Atlanta


How lucky are we to have enthusiastic Galera Cluster users such as the IT team at MercadoLibre?


When we heard from this group of MySQL enthusiasts that they like to talk about Galera Cluster to others whenever the opportunity arises, we couldn’t resist to ask them to do so on a wider scale. The results are a case study, a joint talk at this week’s OpenStack Summit 2014 in Atlanta … as well as this blog.


If you’re not from Latin America you may not have heard of MercadoLibre, but you will hear about them more and more for sure, since they are starting to take position in Europe now as well.


MercadoLibre is the on-line trading platform in Latin America in which 90 million consumers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela buy and sell a variety of consumer items and much more.

It’s the largest e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America!


With a market of over 550 million users and in a region with one of the world’s fastest-growing Internet penetration rates, it provides buyers and sellers a robust on-line trading environment that fosters the development of a large and growing e-commerce community.

The MercadoLibre team approached the Galera Cluster Codership team, as they were looking for a solution to replace their existing database setup that consisted of MySQL with Heartbeat, as well as DRBD (active – backup) solution schema.

The Galera Cluster solution they decided to implement after a period of planning and strategising is a Galera Cluster itself consists of 9 nodes (8 actives – 1 NOR) balanced by an F5 bigIP load balancer with more than 80 databases across the cluster and over 700 querys per second per node.

It’s a great story, the full extent of which you can read about in our MercadoLibre Case Study.


The words of MercadoLibre’s team speak best for themselves:


“Codership’s Galera Cluster community and support are fantastic. It’s difficult to find a dedicated support team such as theirs these days. The product is great, it just works as we expected it to with no surprises. It scales and we happily promote it ourselves as the defacto database for Openstack and for everyone that needs an active-active schema that really works.”

– Leandro Reox & Alejandro Comisario, MercadoLibre


And if you’d like to see both our teams together in action to talk about our collaboration (and if you happen to be in Atlanta this week), do come and say hello!


Meet us this week at the OpenStack Summit 2014 in Atlanta:

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