We are hiring! Galera Cluster Support Engineer

Codership, the makers of Galera Cluster, is looking for Galera Cluster support engineer.  We have a growing 24/7 support business. You will be working with a team of Galera Cluster engineers and developers. The work is remote.


  • Good knowledge of MySQL, Galera Cluster, InnoDB
  • Know the variants of Galera Cluster well: MySQL Galera Cluster, MariaDB Galera Cluster, Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC)
  • You are an excellent support engineer, so you will not just be answering support tickets, but you will be solving problems, which may involve reproducing the issue, and passing it on towards QA or the developers. Quick problem solving skills are tantamount!
  • Know how to configure the database well, but also realise that there may be some Linux tuning too
  • Experience with backup tools like Percona XtraBackup and Mariabackup
  • Experience with MySQL replication (not just synchronous Galera Cluster, but also asynchronous replication)
  • Understand monitoring requirements
  • The ability to troubleshoot, think outside the box, and not be afraid to ask the rest of your rock solid team!
  • Excellent written (and spoken) English is preferred, as you will be working remotely
  • We use tools like Zendesk and Slack to carry out support activities

A bonus:

  • Knowing proxy solutions like ProxySQL, MariaDB MaxScale
  • Experience using clouds, especially AWS
  • Configuration management tools (Ansible/Puppet/etc), some DevOps experience
  • Knowing Kubernetes, Docker, lxd
  • Experience working in a customer facing organisation

Your tasks and responsibilities:

  • Be in charge of responding to customer support requests
  • Together with engineering, developing methods for reproducing the issue for suspected bugs
  • Guiding end users for best practices with Galera Cluster use
  • Analyzing issues and assigning severities for them
  • For urgent issues, finding work around for the problem and escalating the issue for engineering inspection
  • Escalating problems in documentation for the documentation team
  • Working with product management to assign priorities for tasks raised from issue escalations
  • Follow up with customers of progress in bug fixing development and product upgrades

Send your application, CV and questions to jobs@galeracluster.com


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