Announcing the Release Candidate of MySQL 8.0 + Galera 4

A time for new beginnings beckons upon us, and Codership is pleased to announce the much anticipated Release Candidate of MySQL 8.0 that comes with Galera 4. It comes with MySQL 8.0.19 and includes the Galera Replication Library 4.5 Release Candidate and wsrep API version 26. 


Galera 4 and MySQL 8.0.19 have many new features, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Streaming replication to support large transactions by splitting transaction replication then applying them in smaller fragments.
  • Improved foreign key support, as write set certification rules are optimised and there will be a reduction in the number of foreign key related false conflicts in certifications.
  • Group commit is supported and integrated with the native MySQL 8 binary log group commit code. Within the codebase, the commit time concurrency controls were reworked such that the commit monitor is released as soon as the commit has been queued for a group commit. This allows transactions to be committed in groups, while still respecting the sequential commit order.
  • There are new system tables for Galera Cluster that are added to the mysql database: wsrep_cluster, wsrep_cluster_members and wsrep_streaming_log. You can now view cluster membership via system tables.
  • New synchronization functions have been introduced to help applications implement read-your-writes and monotonic-reads consistency guarantees. These functions are: WSREP_LAST_SEEN_GTID(), WSREP_LAST_WRITTEN_GTID() and WSREP_SYNC_WAIT_UPTO_GTID().
  • Poor network conditions can lead to errors in a Galera Cluster, and handling of this is now improved, such that a node will attempt to leave the cluster gracefully if there is ever a possibility of data inconsistency.
  • A more robust wsrep codebase, with better state handling and error handling. 

We are pleased to offer packages for CentOS 7, CentOS 8, and Ubuntu 18.04. Installation instructions are similar to previous releases of Galera Cluster.

Please evaluate Galera 4 at our downloads page (


Known issues with this release candidate are:

  • This is still a release candidate not meant for production use.
  • Upgrading from an earlier version of Galera Cluster is not supported yet.

Please try this release candidate, and provide feedback via our Google Group or via email to: