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Galera Cluster for MySQL is an easy-to-use high-availability solution

with high system up-time, no data loss, and scalability for future growth


Galera Cluster

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Galera introduction

Length: 4 min

Migrating to Multi-Master Galera Cluster from Master-Slave MySQL Replication


This video provides the practical aspects of migrating a database setup based on traditional asynchronous replication to multi-master Galera Cluster. We will discuss the benefits Galera provides and how traditional replication settings, architecture and practices can be converted to Galera Cluster. We will show the steps that are needed to perform the migration with limited or no downtime, and will demonstrate the procedure in practice using a live database with an actual workload.

Galera Cluster Installation and Quick Start

Length: 1 hour

This video describes how to get started with Galera Cluster and build a functional multi-master cluster.

Once the nodes are up and running we will discuss how to monitor the health of the cluster and which status variables are important to watch.

Slides are available at http://www.slideshare.net/codership