Meet Codership, the makers of Galera Cluster, at Percona Live Austin 2019

After a short hiatus, we hope to meet and see you at Percona Live Austin 2019 (28-30 May 2019), as we have sponsored the event and have a booth in the expo hall, in addition to conducting some talks.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Seppo Jaakola will make a presentation entitled, Galera Cluster New Features, in the Texas 5 room, on Wednesday from 11.55 a.m. to 12.45 p.m. It will be a very interesting talk as Galera Cluster 4 features have made there way into MariaDB Server 10.4. You will also hear a little about when Codership, the engineers and makers of Galera Cluster, will provide a MySQL version.

If you happen to sign up for tutorials, don’t miss Expert MariaDB: Harness the Strengths of MariaDB Server by Colin Charles. Part of the tutorial involves setting up a bootstrapped three-node MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.4 with the Galera 4 replication library. You’ll also learn about its other unique features.

For those interested in Galera Cluster, don’t forget there are a few other talks about Galera Cluster in the program, including one by Yahoo! Japan entitled, Immutable Database Infrastructure with Percona XtraDB Cluster. It should be a great story about how they deploy plenty — hundreds! — of Galera Cluster nodes in production.

Our booth will always have the wonderful Larisa Urse manning it. We’d like to talk to you about what you need from Galera Cluster, roadmaps, plans, how you use Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) based on Galera Cluster, and more. We’ll have some great conversations, and a whole bunch more planned for the conference. We will participate in the Passport Program: so drop by our booth, talk to us, and get that coveted stamp. It’ll put you in the running to win a pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Don’t forget that we have great support and consulting services too, so come talk to us to find out more!

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